Magnolia House: ** STAFF TRAINING **

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Moving and handling training at Magnolia House on 11th March 2015. Practical session  using all the equipment we would need to use with our residents!!

The joys of learning to use the hoist…. And the joys of being the ‘resident’ being hoisted.. All agree that this could be scary and now appreciate the need for communication! The staff felt, if presented with a hoist and no explanation about what it was an why it needs to be used would be a horrible experience .
The scary thought of being moved around the bed on a slide sheet……..   as for the stand aid….. that was different to say the least……. good thing carers like to talk… as explaining to residents and keeping everyone calm is priority.

All the same it caused some giggles and fun ! Thanks ladies for the lovely session at Magnolia House 🙂

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