Ferne Animal Sanctuary Day Out

The day started off being picked up from Adelaide and Sunningdale about 9.30am,we then went onto Netherhayes and Magnolia. We arrived at 11am in the sanctuary, we were made to feel very welcome by the staff in the office.

As soon as we departed the bus, the first enclosure we found was home to the chipmunks, many people enjoyed watching them as they played hide and seek. After we went to visit the cats there, which were offered for re-homing. A big fuss was made of a fluffy white cat, which seemed to get all the attention.

Next it was a short walk to see the goats, who were kept indoors. Then just across from the goats, we went to see the cows and the lovely horse that standing in the field.

So after deciding and taking our time, we headed off for the café where we had tea and coffee.

Shortly after we had a packed lunch, which included sandwiches, cakes, crisps and drinks.. which all of the residents enjoyed. It was lovely to see many residents interacting with each other from the various homes. Everybody got on with each other, it was great to see.

After our lunch, we then headed off to Beer Hill and relaxed there for a while, some residents got off the bus and sat on the bench admiring the view. We had drinks and cakes left over and they were offered at this stop, which was thoroughly enjoyed.

Then it was time to head back, everybody had a wonderful day and thanked the staff for all there help.

A big thank you to :

Adelaide – Sandwiches, Sunningdale – Crisps, Netherhayes – Drinks, Magnolia – Cakes.

Thank you for all your support


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